Mirage du Désert

Mirage du Désert suggests an alternative way of doing tourism and discovering Morocco.

As members of the Aalla family, that belongs to the Berber tribe Ait Atta, we have come to the idea of doing a cultural and environmental tourism, introducing the Berber landscape, architecture, gastronomy, folklore and crafts  with a respectful attitude towards the environment and our people.

This formula, practiced for many years in different tourist destinations all over the world, tries to counteract the impact of those offerings focused on mass tourism. Though tourism industry may contribute to restore the heritage and to the survival of traditions, an uncontrolled tourism has the opposite effect. Eventually, visitors overflow deteriorates culture and environment, to the extent of eroding all their appeal and, in the long term, contributing to the industry decline.

At Mirage du Désert we want the visitor to discover our way of life and our coexistence in and with our environment through the concept of cultural geography, an approach that provides an explanation for different ways of life and their interactions.

The world we live in consists of a very complex environment and the individual behaviour impact is critically important at the local level. Thus, from Mirage du Désert, we offer different routes that will take you on a visit to our country with a respectful mindset towards the surrounding environment and the people we meet in the way.

We want to share this philosophy of the travelling adventure with you.

Brahim Aalla