Trips and tours around Morocco

Cultural routes, cultural tourism and ecotourism

Our routes are designed so that you may discover the landscape, the Berber architecture, gastronomy, folklore and crafts, and their unique way of life, in a respectful spirit towards the environment and our people. In the meantime, you will get an overview of Morocco’s cultural, financial and religious reality.

Moreover, you will also get to know the nomad routes and visit some tribes engaged in sheep and dromedary breeding since ancestral time, such as the Ait Khebbache from the south, part of the Ait Atta tribe. But, still more important, you will experience the adventure of travelling and getting to know new ways of feeling and living.

Details such as the circuit, days length, transport, diet or accommodation may be customized to your needs in every one of our routes.

Our country is huge and offers endless possibilities. The ones you will find below are just a sample of the multiple possible travels.

Brahim Aalla